Camera Surveillance

24 hour video equipment for both construction sites and permanent installations

         The need for 24-hour surveillance grows with each new report.  Observable cameras act as a deterrent to those looking to commit a crime and become legal proof of someone caught in a criminal act, admissible in California courts (as well as other states) .  Vandalism, crime and theft is a growing problem throughout the world.  If employee safety is an issue, internal theft, retail shrinkage, or construction site vandalism or theft, video surveillance equipment deters and/or identifies the criminals.

Command Guard’s temporary (mobile) and permanent surveillance systems bring full time observation and archived video recording capabilities to your facility or your construction projects.  Both real-time visibility and archived video assist you in achieving a peace of mind.  Access can be readily available from any internet accessible computer in the world.


Systems Overview:

  • Site-specific solutions; structured for temporary or permanent placement.
  • Self-administered (you define observation objectives; you set & observe boundaries).
  • Simple to use, intuitive, user friendly controls.
  • You create and/or modify the tour or static view per camera.
  • Create a visual deterrent with perimeter signage/CCTV unit signage.
  • Complies with most insurance requirements.
  • Print-outs are admissible as evidence in California Courts.
  • Observable on any internet connected computer (many PDA & cell phones).
  • Low cost for large area coverage.
  • Enhance your site security guard or night watchman.

Recording Capabilities:

  • Local on-site recording available.
  • Remote back-up recording available.
  • 24 hour “always on” or specific time frame recording (6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).
  • Constant recording or activity activated recording.
  • Activity activated recording can retain up to two minutes before incidents occur.
  • May be set for zone alarm, exception reporting, e-mail problem alerts.
  • Capture important, unauthorized or lack of activity.

Improve Productivity Levels:

  • Support timely phase completion.
  • Motivate site employees, eliminate two hour coffee breaks.
  • Manage, assist & direct site personnel.
  • Report verification.
  • Detect and observe employee & subcontractor activity, neglect or abuse.
  • Detect or identify vandals and thieves.
  • Review and illustrate construction progress.
  • Review multiple sites from one location.
  • Manage more with less effort.
  • Be ten places at once.
  • Control site resources.
  • Observe and verify important deliveries and departures.
  • Monitor tools & equipment arriving or departing at a site.
  • Verify who did what and when.

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