Construction Site Security

Our Construction Site Security service provides a "shopping list" of Construction Site Security Solutions:

We begin with our Trailer and Guard Services:

  • Discourage Employee - Subcontractor Theft.
  • Deter Vandalism.
  • Manage, assist & direct site personnel.
  • Online security status available with addition of our camera deterrent.
  • Daily Incident Reporting.
  • Service customizable to site needs.
  • Provide a visible deterrent.
  • Observe and verify secure locations.
  • Verify who did what and when.
  • Our construction site deterrents and solutions can include:

  • Placement of an unmanned (security post) trailer.
  • Provision and installation of observable perimeter signage.
  • A standing guard for specific hours.
  • A standing guard 24/7.
  • An armed security officer for specific or full time assignment.
  • A local perimeter alarm.
  • A remotely monitored perimeter alarm.
  • Periodic site inspections by a roving patrol officer.
  • Off site monitoring of the alarm and alerting local law.    
  • Patrol officer response to the report of an alarm  intrustion.
  • Addition of our mobile, Closed Circuit Television trailer for off-site visibility as to site activity.
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