Vehicle Patrol Services

          Command Guard’s Vehicle Guard Service provides patrolling times from overnight on specific days (weekends) to 24 hour, seven days a week service.
Command Guard Service can provide random, specified physical inspections of our customer’s property, including all surrounding grounds within, or attached to the facility on whatever schedule desired.

          All of our patrol officers are trained beyond only the state guidelines.  They are provided periodic courses to sharpen their skills of observation.  When incidents occur effective observation and reporting standards ensure vital information is immediately conveyed to local law enforcement agencies and your management.

          Our marked patrol vehicles and uniformed officer provide a visible crime deterrent and contribute to a professional, secure atmosphere.

Improve Your Complex with our Vehicle Guard Services:

  • Manages, assists & directs site personnel.
  • Daily Incident Reporting
  • Service customizable to site needs.
  • Detects vandalism.
  • Provides a visible deterrent..
  • Observes and verifies secure locations.
  • Client verification available online.
  • Verifies who did what and when.
  • Combats undesired dumping of trash and debris
  • Observes after-hours site visitors and their activities

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