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Executive Protection

Personal safety is the most important issue in our lives.  Issues such as employment, financial achievement, or political activity can create a target of anyone.  Regardless of the level of threat, Command Guard Services is available and ready to help protect anyone who requires protection, on a temporary or permanent assignment.  Anyone who feels their safety may be compromised will find Executive Protection may be the best preventative action to avert something from happening.

Command Guard Services is a full-service security provider.  We specialize in Bodyguards and Security Consulting.  Our field staff consists of former police and military personnel with extensive experience in all areas of Executive Protection.  Command Guard Services provides both armed and unarmed, uniformed and business attired personnel to ensure maintenance of a secure environment.  With security associates strategically based across the nation, our Clients can be accommodated wherever they are, or wish to go.

Command Guard Services takes responsibility for protection of your personal or your family’s protection requirements.  The entire issue of protection stems from threats against persons or property, which includes one’s family, staff, and homes, vehicles, money, businesses, personal belongings, and even ideas and reputations.  Thorough planning, risk assessment, advanced preparations, surveillance and comprehensive intelligence assists Command Guard Service to provide the most advanced protective solutions available.  Real threats must be met by serious professionals.

We assess each client’s needs and requirements and tailor our solutions to address the most rigouous demands possible.  As a result our security team develops an understanding as to what is needed for you to feel comfortable and that this state is ensured with you having the knowledge our assigned personnel have the experience and capability to resolve issues before they occur.

Our security solutions for Executive Protection include providing close personal protection (body guards), secure transportation, event security planning and implementation and transportation of valuables.

The first phone call to our office will consist of a long list of questions geared to determining what, if any security personnel or procedures you need to implement, and the optimal resources available.