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Strikes, Distraught Employees and Civil Unrest Conditions

Command Guard Services has successfully been involved in multiple strikes and distraught employee conditions.  We have mustered over 200 security officers at one specific event to protect property and employee lives.

With adequate pre-strike planning our management can help coordinate a controlled environment during the active strike and a “low profile” resolution following the end of a strike.

Proper Strike preparation begins before picketers appear on a facility.  When a work stoppage appears forthcoming it is imperative management addresses whether they intend for the business to continue operating during the strike.  Command Guard Services will assist in presenting possible solutions to create a strike plan that will enable business operations to be conducted during the planned work stoppage or strike.

Key among the discussion points are:
  • Who is the Management point of contact during the strike?
  • Business Operations:  how many employees and managers will continue to work during a strike?
  • What will be the work schedule?
  • How will employees, managers, customers and vendors access the building?
  • Where will employees, managers, customers and vendors park?
  • Will the parking area be safe and secure, must people be escorted back and forth?
  • Will shipments and deliveries be accepted during the strike.
  • Should unlawful conduct occur will criminal or civil complaints be filed?

Management must approve and agree to be committed to the plan for it to be effective.

Following the creation of an all-inclusive security oriented plan our management will strategically place security officers and body guards at defined key positions on the facility armed with appropriate tools (such as eyewitness, written reports, digital and video cameras and such other surveillance tools or procedures required to document property damage) and two-way radios for immediate communications within the assigned crew and with law enforcement.

Command Guard Company’s primary objective will be to control any incident of violence to persons or property on your facility, including but not limited to fire, vandalism, assaults and batteries, trespass by person and/or vehicle, threats made to or intimidation of workers and/or management, and incidents of sabotage.